If you are an American that travels regularly, or if you like to watch American TV, you will be aware of how hard it is to tune into your favorite US channels while in another country. American ex-pats will also know that due to regional restrictions, most US TV channels that are easy to access in the US are unavailable in other areas of the globe. Living overseas can be incredibly exciting, but at the end of a busy day, one of the biggest comforts is the ability to watch American TV overseas.

Why Can’t You Watch US TV Shows Overseas?

Due to geo-restrictions, most US TV shows and channels like ABC, CBS, TNT, Fox, and Hulu are inaccessible to overseas users. Basically, your IP address gives away your location, acting as a digital fingerprint. How? An IP address has a fixed location and will communicate which country you’re in currently to the website that you’re trying to access.

Your favorite TV shows are unavailable overseas due to company policies and restrictions. So, even if you are a US citizen that has purchased a TV subscription, you won’t be able to tune in because your IP address will expose your location.

Annoying, isn’t it? It’s not all bad news though. With a VPN, you can watch American TV overseas in no time.

Use a VPN to Watch American TV Abroad

A VPN is your best friend if you wish to watch American TV overseas. This is because it reroutes your online connection to another server in the United States, therefore masking your IP address. Basically, you can be sitting on a beach, or the capital, or in the mountains, and it will appear as though you’re on a couch at any home in the US.

TeVPN is the most effective VPN for watching US TV online from anywhere in the globe. It gets around the toughest restrictions and is so fast that you won’t even notice you’re using one.

You can use TeVPN on as many devices as you want, which should have you covered to watch American TV overseas on the go, and it even works when you travel.  Remember that if you wish to use it while traveling, you should carry your router with you.

Here’s How to Watch US TV from abroad with TeVPN

Getting the right VPN is imperative for being able to easily watch American TV from anywhere.

TeVPN is highly recommended as the all-around best VPN for streaming US TV, as it boasts the fastest speeds, which will keep your streaming experience buffer-free. It’s as simple as calling our toll-free number in Costa Rica or the US. We will create an account for you and give you free consulting of the best package and configuration in your network; it is a very personalized service, like any other in the world.

The following instructions will allow you to start watching American TV ASAP:

  1. Call our toll-free number.
  2. Our Customer Service Representative will address all your needs.
  3. We will create your VPN account immediately so you can start watching your shows while the router arrives.


Many people going overseas for the first time are shocked to find out that even though they might have subscriptions to their favorite TV channels, they cannot watch them when outside of the US.

This can be especially tough for those starting working or living overseas, as it can be a source of comfort watching familiar content from home. This is because US TV networks and streaming services restrict people from viewing TV shows and movies if they’re located outside of United States.

The good news is that all is not lost. In fact, anyone living in any corner of the globe can tune into their favorite US shows with a VPN. This fantastic online tool helps you get around restrictions by tunneling your connection through to a server in the US.

Don’t let local censorship policies hold you back from watching American TV abroad. Invest in a top-notch VPN service like TeVPN, sit back, and enjoy the show.

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